Noelle’s Monthly Recap: November 2016

November was a great month for end of autumn travels. I made weekend trips to Luxembourg and Prague where the fall colors were in full effect, and also headed north to Cambridge for a day trip of the picturesque university town – I wish I could redo university and go there!

I also made some considerably strides on the blog this month – mostly regarding format and layout, and also created a Twitter and Facebook page – please follow me!

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Destinations visited:

London, Cambridge, and Cheltenham, England

Luxembourg City and Remich, Luxembourg

Prague, Czech Republic

Punting boats on the River Cam, Cambridge

Favorite destinations:

Prague, Czech Republic – Prague was a smaller city than I imagined, but this made it feel more cozy and manageable to visit over a weekend in the city. I immensely enjoyed Czech food and (cheap!) beer.

Cambridge, England – If I have to go to university again in my next life, it will be at one of Cambridge’s colleges. Cambridge is such a pretty town and the views of the colleges from the River Cam are just lovely.

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague Food Tour – I had a blast on the Prague Food Tour with my friend John enjoying delicious food, great beer, and learning a lot about Czech culture.

A punting ride on the River Cam – The views along the River Cam are nothing short of gorgeous, and I felt totally at bliss on this boat ride in the university town of Cambridge.

Prague, Czech Republic


Disappointment over the U.S. election – The election didn’t go the way I hoped, but it’s time to move forward and see what happens next.

Cambridge University


Where I Wish I Went to School (A Day Trip to Cambridge, England) – Punting on the River Cam and moseying around the beautiful colleges are just a taste of this university town.

Prague Food Tour: Czech It Out – Delicious food and beer while learning about Czech culture? What more could I ask for!

Hostel Packing Essentials – Packing for a hostel can be a bit different than packing for other accommodation, so I highlighted the essentials I always bring.

Cahoots: London’s Secret Bar – Cahoots is a 1940s post-Blitz themed, former tube station bar in London. I finally made my way to the secret bar this past month.

Top 5 Rooftop Views in London – Never fear, I did the rooftop research for you and found my favorite views from above.

The Parallels of Brexit and Trump – Having ties to both sides geographically of Brexit and Trump this year, I share my thoughts on the parallels between the two.

Wine Not Visit Luxembourg – Luxembourg was a beautiful destination and has a lively wine scene.

Canal in Prague

Coming up in December 2016:

Visiting friends in Stuttgart, Germany – A weekend trip with Mark to visit our friends Martin and Miriam and enjoy the famous German Christmas markets.

Spending the holidays at home – From mid-December on, I’ll be heading home for Christmas, my birthday, and New Years.

Where are the holidays taking you in December?


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