Get Started as a Digital Nomad and Successfully Work Remotely

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Do you want to become a digital nomad in 2022 or beyond? Now is the time. Approximately 58% of Americans have the opportunity to work at home at least one day a week, and 35% say that they can work from home full-time. If you’re based in Washington, DC, and have a job that travels, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to, as well.

Working as a digital nomad is an amazing opportunity to explore the world while still supporting yourself and paying your bills. Here’s what you should know as you prepare to convert to this travel-friendly lifestyle.

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4 U.S. Cities That Make the Perfect Reset Vacation

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The best way to show yourself care and do something to jump-start your monotonous routine is to take a reset vacation where you can see new sites and meet new people. Since self-care is a relative term and the concept is different for everyone, this list from Noelle Across the Pond includes four cities with different things to offer travelers with varying interests. Find the right one for you.

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Staying Well on the Road

This is a guest article from Emma Grace Brown. You can read more from her at

While traveling for work may be a welcome escape from routine, letting healthy habits fall by the wayside during your time away often wreaks havoc on your well-being. Fortunately, with a bit of effort, you can honor your commitment to self-care even when you’re on a business trip. Noelle Across The Pond shares tips for maintaining good health while away from home.

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Honeymoon in Argentina: In Photos

Although Mark and I got married in August 2021, we waited a while for COVID-19 restrictions to relax so we could travel to one of the few countries we had narrowed down to for our honeymoon. The time finally came in April of 2022 when we embarked on a two week trip through Argentina. Below are photos of our time spent there.

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How to Clean and Preserve a Wedding Veil

After getting married in August of 2021, I wanted to save some of the important items from our big day. While some mementos went into a plastic box to protect them, I knew that I would need to take special care to preserve my wedding veil.

As such, I started my research on the best way to go about preserving a wedding veil. While bits of information on how to preserve a veil is out there, I didn’t find any good articles that went through all the steps to preserve from start to finish. Having done the process now myself, I wanted to share this for anyone else who may want to preserve a veil on a budget.

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