Top 5 Adventure Holiday Destinations in the UK

This is is a guest post by Jessica Watson. Author bio at end.

Are you one of those who think that the UK is all about the cottage core aesthetics and pretty quiet villages? If yes, you need to think again after some research or exploration. It is because the UK has a lot of incredible adventurous spots that you should consider visiting during your holidays. 

Ever tried swimming with seals or bungee jumping in Scotland? No! So this is the time for you. Regardless of whether you are brave enough for all or just a few, go ahead to give it a shot. 

Here is the article about your holiday time spent in the UK in an adventurous way. These are the places you should visit. 

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A Day Trip to Scotland’s Loch Lomond National Park

Having only made it to the city of Edinburgh last year, when Mark’s friend Jed offered to host us up in Glasgow, I jumped at the opportunity. I was really keen on seeing more of Scotland, so this was an ideal way to see more of England’s northerly neighbor. Continue reading “A Day Trip to Scotland’s Loch Lomond National Park”