Noelle’s Monthly Recap: March 2017

England came alive this month with several sunny days and flowers blooming all over. And, for the first time since last March, I went an entire month without flying anywhere! That didn’t stop me from traveling though, as I took the train up to Scotland for a weekend in Glasgow and Loch Lomond National Park, followed by a day trip around the north Cotswolds by car. Late March I purposely laid low, as April is going to be one of my busiest travel months ever (more on that below!). Continue reading “Noelle’s Monthly Recap: March 2017”

A Day Trip to Scotland’s Loch Lomond National Park

Having only made it to the city of Edinburgh last year, when Mark’s friend Jed offered to host us up in Glasgow, I jumped at the opportunity. I was really keen on seeing more of Scotland, so this was an ideal way to see more of England’s northerly neighbor. Continue reading “A Day Trip to Scotland’s Loch Lomond National Park”

Waterfalls, Bogs, and More: Lahemaa National Park, Estonia

Located in northern Estonia along the Baltic Sea, Lahemaa National Park is a 45 minute to 1 hour drive from the Estonian capital of Tallinn. One of Europe’s largest national parks, it was also the first area to be designated a national park from the former Soviet Union.

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Highlights of the Gem of the Baltics: Tallinn, Estonia

Following the south to north route I planned for my Baltics trip, my last stop traveling through the Baltic capitals was in Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn’s wintry touches proved to make it my favorite of the three capitals, with an aura of beauty as if you had stepped back in time whilst meandering its cobbled streets.
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Continuing my Baltic Journey in Riga, Latvia

As I continued my journey through the Baltics heading north from the charming city of Vilnius, Lithuania, my second stop was in Riga, Latvia.

I was interested in what to expect in Riga as it’s the largest city of the three Baltics – and my snow capped time in the city was chilly but pleasurable as well. Continue reading “Continuing my Baltic Journey in Riga, Latvia”