Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Luray, Virginia

As someone who became a camping aficionado as an adult, exploring various campsites has been one of the most enjoyable parts of this outdoor activity – from beach front sites, to adjacent to a river, we’ve covered a few. So when I found out about Jellystone Park camp-resorts, I knew that I had to take a look.

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Noelle’s Monthly Recap: June 2017

Much of June was spent exploring more of my home state of Virginia, although I did have a chance to hop across the pond to England to visit with friends for a week. As we enter summer I’ve been soaking up all the extra hours of sunlight with two of my warm weather favorites: pool visits and sitting on the patio with a cool drink. Here’s what Noelle Across The Pond got into in June. Continue reading “Noelle’s Monthly Recap: June 2017”

A Photo Essay of a Coastal Gem: Colonial Beach, Virginia

Colonial Beach, one of my all time favorite small towns, is a Virginia gem – and is not very well known, even among Virginians. The town resides along the Potomac River and boasts a beach, boardwalk with shops, waterfront restaurants with live music, cafes, a newly opened brewery, and two wineries. Continue reading “A Photo Essay of a Coastal Gem: Colonial Beach, Virginia”

7 Tips for Driving on the Other Side of the Road

As an American living in England, one of the biggest driving obstacles I wanted to overcome was being able to drive successfully on the other side of the road. Driving on the other side of the road, especially when you aren’t used to it, can be nerve wracking for even the most self-assured drivers.

I was able to overcome my concerns and become a confident ‘other side of the road’ driver – so I’ve outlined the tips and tricks that helped me so that you can become one too!
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Traveling in the Off-Season: Sometimes Hit, Sometimes Miss!

I often travel in the off-season and enjoy the benefits: lower prices, fewer crowds, and the ability to meet locals in a more authentic atmosphere.

But, sometimes traveling in the off season presents its own challenges: the weather may be miserable, attractions are closed, or place that is lively during in-season may be a ghost town in the off-season. Continue reading “Traveling in the Off-Season: Sometimes Hit, Sometimes Miss!”