About Noelle


Who is Noelle?

My name is Noelle (if you didn’t guess!) and I’m in my early thirties.

After growing up and attending college in the Washington, DC area, by my mid-20s I felt like I was on the right path doing what I was supposed to do: moving up the career ladder, buying a home, and starting grad school. Somehow though, I felt unfulfilled and staying in my hometown was making me restless. As a dual Swiss-U.S. citizen, I had the opportunity to live abroad, I knew I just needed to make the jump (easier said than done!).

So, after a few years of waiting and a grad degree later – in early 2016, I pursued a job opportunity that had presented itself “across the pond” in London, England. I got the job, secured a flat, packed my suitcases, and boarded a flight to whatever came next. This blog was born about a week after my move; initially as a reflection of my life as an expat, but slowly evolving into a resource for practical travel tips and my experiences in various English and European destinations.

After thirteen months in England, family circumstances led me to move back stateside, but the travel certainly hasn’t stopped – so follow along as I explore all the world has to offer.

My goal with this blog is to provide practical travel tips, firsthand experiences, travel guides, and reflections on my experience as an expat. I aim to go beyond the surface in order to gain a deeper understanding of the destinations I visit.

You’ll also see two very important people from time to time on the blog – Mark and Markell. The former is my wonderful fiancé and the latter is my son.

Mark, Markell, and Noelle at Tikal in Guatemala

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