About Noelle

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Hiking in South Downs National Park, England

Who is Noelle?

My name is Noelle (if you didn’t guess!) and I’m in my late twenties. After growing up and living in the Washington, DC area for several years, in early 2016 I found myself in a rut and yearning for new environment and new adventures. An opportunity presented itself to move “across the pond” to London, England for a year, so I jumped at it and decided to go. This blog was born about a week after my move.

After thirteen months in England, in which I made it to 15+ European countries and traveled extensively throughout the country as well, it was time to head back to the U.S. The travel certainly hasn’t stopped though – so continue the ride with me as I explore all the earth has to offer.

You’ll also see two very important people from time to time on the blog – Mark (my unofficial writing reviewer) and Markie (my mini adventurer). The former is my wonderful partner and the latter is my son.

Markie, Mark, and myself exploring St. Lucia

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