The Madness of March

March started off slow but picked up speed mid-month. I flew up to Toronto to visit my friend Sara, and then took the train over to Ottawa for the next few days to spend time with Mark who was visiting with friends from England. While in Ottawa, Mark and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary with a delicious steak dinner at Keg Steakhouse in York Market, and did fun Canadian things like attend a hockey game, go ice skating, and eat poutine. Continue reading “The Madness of March”


Bruce Peninsula National Park – Tobermory, Ontario

‘Wow! Is that really Canada?’ was my first thought when my friend Sara suggested and sent me photos of Bruce Peninsula National Park as we were planning my trip up to Ontario to visit her. An easy way to sell me on any destination is with scenic panoramas and hiking opportunities, and this Ontario gem easily looked to provide both.

Continue reading “Bruce Peninsula National Park – Tobermory, Ontario”

A Day Out on Flowerpot Island, Ontario

When my friend Sara invited me to visit her in Canada, I 1) said yes and 2) knew I wanted to visit somewhere “off-the-beaten path”. I had already done the typical American-goes-to-Canada trip of Niagara Falls and Toronto years back, so this time I wanted to see somewhere different, somewhere where Canadians go to escape. Continue reading “A Day Out on Flowerpot Island, Ontario”