Noelle’s Monthly Recap: August 2017

August was a busy month spread out with travel along both the east coast and west coast of the United States. This month was also my first ever visit to California, marking my 25th state visited and meaning I’ve seen 50% of the United States, which is a fun milestone to get to. Otherwise August was all about soaking up the last days of summer with lots of time outside and by the water. Here’s what I got into in August 2017. Continue reading “Noelle’s Monthly Recap: August 2017”


Noelle’s Monthly Recap: July 2017

Looking back, July has been a great month. Although it wasn’t heavy on long distance travel, I still managed to have a few great weekend breaks closer to home. The blog has also done exceptionally well this month, with the most views I’ve had since starting to write sixteen months ago. Here’s what Noelle got into in July. Continue reading “Noelle’s Monthly Recap: July 2017”

Noelle’s Monthly Recap: June 2017

Much of June was spent exploring more of my home state of Virginia, although I did have a chance to hop across the pond to England to visit with friends for a week. As we enter summer I’ve been soaking up all the extra hours of sunlight with two of my warm weather favorites: pool visits and sitting on the patio with a cool drink. Here’s what Noelle Across The Pond got into in June. Continue reading “Noelle’s Monthly Recap: June 2017”

Noelle’s Monthly Recap: April 2017

The saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” certainly proved to be true this month as I spent more than half the month doing what I love most – traveling!

I kicked the month off with a week long eastern Caribbean cruise that departed from San Juan, Puerto Rico and stopped at five ports of call: St. Thomas (USVI), Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. Continue reading “Noelle’s Monthly Recap: April 2017”