4 U.S. Cities That Make the Perfect Reset Vacation

This is a guest article from Emma Grace Brown. You can read more from her at emmagracebrown.com.

The best way to show yourself care and do something to jump-start your monotonous routine is to take a reset vacation where you can see new sites and meet new people. Since self-care is a relative term and the concept is different for everyone, this list from Noelle Across the Pond includes four cities with different things to offer travelers with varying interests. Find the right one for you.

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Small City Charm in Marietta, Ohio

Marietta, Ohio is the kind of place that once you’ve been, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make it there sooner. Named as one of “Ohio’s Best Hometowns” by Ohio Magazine, Marietta is the kind of place where you come for the charm but stay for the community. Continue reading “Small City Charm in Marietta, Ohio”

The Bear Truth of Sequoia National Park, California

Sequoia National Park is known to many as the home of California’s large, giant sequoia trees. That’s at least what I went looking for when I had some free time during a work trip and made my way to the Ash Mountain entrance of the park. Although I never made it to the trees themselves (more on that below), the massive park has a lot to offer for nature enthusiasts like myself.

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