Prague Food Tour: Czech It Out

One of my favorite ways to explore a new destination is by trying the local cuisine. So when my friend John, who lives in Prague, suggested we do the Prague Food Tour, I was more than happy to oblige.

We met on a Sunday morning with our tour guide, Leona, and the others who would be exploring Czech cuisine with us. There were six of us total on the tour, myself and John included, and I really liked that the small size of the group allowed us to all get to know each other a bit as we wandered and ate our way through Prague’s Old Town.

Prague’s Old Town Square

Leona, our tour guide, is Czech and grew up only thirty minutes from the city. Her and her boyfriend George created the Prague Food Tour company which has been showing guests the best of Czech food since 2014.

Our first visit on the Prague Food Tour was to Cafe Imperial, a restaurant that has been around since 1914 and has intricate beautifully decorated ceramic tiling on the interior. Our first course was a delicious dill soup with poached egg and mushrooms. As our main dish, we had a choice between three tradition Czech dishes – I chose svíčková, which is beef with a carrot and parsley root gravy served with bread dumplings and cranberry sauce. Of course, I also had to wash it down with a Pilsner, which is a Czech beer.

Beef with gravy served with bread dumplings and cranberry sauce

After a short walk, our next stop was Lokál where our group shared appetizers of fried and marinated cheese, Prague ham, and steak tartar. This time, I washed my food down with a dark beer rather than a Pilsner. Leona shared with us that these appetizers are typical to have either with or before a meal in the Czech Republic.

From left to right: Fried and marinated cheese, steak tartar, and Prague ham

After our two mini meals, it was time to walk a bit more to our next stop. Our third stop was drinks only at Bonvivant’s bar. Here our bartender made Absinthe and a slivovice sour (an apricot schnapps cocktail) for us.

A fun fact is that Absinthe is advertised for sale quite a bit in Prague, but it’s not a Czech drink (it’s Swiss) and Czech people don’t typically even drink it. So why it is so “popular” in the Czech  Republic is a bit of a mystery to Czech people!

Our bartender pouring absinthe
Slivovice sour – An apricot schnapps cocktail

After our cocktails we crossed over the Charles Bridge and arrived at Cafe Savoy, a classy cafe that has a beautifully decorated ceiling that has been preserved for over a hundred years. Here we had what Leona explained is a popular after work snack in the Czech Republic – small open-faced sandwiches. We tried one sandwich that had a hard boiled egg and potato salad, and another with goat cheese and grape salad.


Of course, we couldn’t finish the tour without dessert! At Cafe Savoy we also had two pastries – a choux pastry with custard filling and a coconut meringue pastry with chocolate and coffee filling. The Czech certainly know what they are doing in the pastry department… I’ll be dreaming about that choux pastry with custard filling for the next few weeks!


After our dessert, our group sadly had to part ways – I had a flight back to London to catch! This truly was a tour though where I kept wishing for time to slow down – between the great food, plentiful beers, good conversation among the tour participants, and how much we learned about Czech culture from Leona, it’s definitely one of the best food tours I’ve done.

Would you want to join in on a Prague Food Tour?

Prague Food Tour Details

John and I did the Delicious Food Tour which is 4.5 hours long and covers about 2.5 miles of walking in the Old Town area of Prague. The focus of the tour is traditional Czech food and local drinks. There are four start times available, so check the website to see which best suits you. The cost per person for the tour was €96.

There’s also a Scrumptious Food Tour available that focuses on modern Czech cuisine in Prague’s New Town. It is 3-4 hours long, 1.8 miles of walking, and is  €88 per person.

Prague Food Tours:


7 thoughts on “Prague Food Tour: Czech It Out

  1. What a fun trip! Your instagram photos made me reminisce about the Charles Bridge built in 1357. I just remember that because it’s always +2! It sounds so impressive. 🙂

    Those bread dumplings are so yummy. Did you get to check out the absinthe bar called Hemingway? Really cool cocktail experience!


  2. That’s such a good way to remember the Charles Bridge – I had no idea it was that old either!
    The food was fantastic, I wish I had a few more days in Prague just to eat :0! I didn’t go to Hemingway but I feel like I saw it when I walked around, it rings a bell. You’ve been and it’s good?


    1. It looks plain but it actually was really tasty! I really liked the dumplings and most meat dishes come with a sauce that is flavorful. My biggest regret of only being in Prague for a few days was that I couldn’t eat more!

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