Tis the Season: Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London

December is here and this means that I can shout from the rooftops my excitement for festive cheer. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and earlier this week I got jolly at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London.


After entering the Winter Wonderland entrance (it’s free to enter!) I was greeted by the Angels Market. There I was able to browse the stalls for scarfs, ornaments, and wooden crafts alike. There’s also a lot of carnival rides that you can enjoy – I didn’t get a chance to go on any but I can imagine the view of London and the festival from atop the Ferris wheel would be spectacular.

We caught the gingerbread man!


My favorite part of all was the Bavarian Village. Here we were able to get beer steins and sit down at the classic German long tables to listen to a German band – their performance included the macarena (yes, I danced!) and I’m pretty sure the entire tent was singing along to the Spice Girls “Wannabee”.


There’s no doubt that Winter Wonderland is the Christmas event not to be missed in London for holiday cheer.

The Details

Cost: Free entry

Hours: 10 AM – 10PM daily from 18 November 2016 to 2 January 2017

Website: hydeparkwinterwonderland.com


3 thoughts on “Tis the Season: Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London

  1. Nowhere does Christmas quite like London! While the city isn’t my favorite, I do prefer going there during December simply due to all the window displays, the lights, the pomp and circumstance =)


  2. It really does feel like one of the best times to visit (minus shorter daylight), even if you aren’t usually a fan if the city. It’s amazing how so many streets and shops go above and beyond to really do beautiful, unique decorations.


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