Waterfalls, Bogs, and More: Lahemaa National Park, Estonia

Located in northern Estonia along the Baltic Sea, Lahemaa National Park is a 45 minute to 1 hour drive from the Estonian capital of Tallinn. One of Europe’s largest national parks, it was also the first area to be designated a national park from the former Soviet Union.

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Continuing my Baltic Journey in Riga, Latvia

As I continued my journey through the Baltics heading north from the charming city of Vilnius, Lithuania, my second stop was in Riga, Latvia.

I was interested in what to expect in Riga as it’s the largest city of the three Baltics – and my snow capped time in the city was chilly but pleasurable as well. Continue reading “Continuing my Baltic Journey in Riga, Latvia”

Discovering the Baltic Charm of Vilnius, Lithuania

As I was on my journey through the Baltic capitals, Vilnius seemed to be most underestimated of the three capital cities. Many people hit the Baltic capitals of Riga and Tallinn, but they either skipped over Vilnius or only spent a day there. However, I found Vilnius to be charming and have plenty to do – certainly not worth skipping over. So how should you spend a weekend in Vilnius? Here’s what Mark and I got into during our time there.

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Noelle’s Monthly Recap: February 2017

After a January that dragged on, February seemingly flew by. Early and mid month were spent laying low in England, with a day trip to Evesham and staycation in Cheltenham. Things got busier later in the month though as I flew to the Baltics for a nine day adventure through Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – look for coverage on that trip this month. Continue reading “Noelle’s Monthly Recap: February 2017”

Riding with Lux Express: Traveling Through the Baltics

When I was planning my journey through the Baltics, I was trying to figure out the best way to get from one Baltic capital to the next – Vilnius to Riga and Riga to Tallinn. After some initial research, I found that there are no direct trains between the capitals, and, uncomfortable with driving solo in countries where I can’t read the language on the road signs, I searched for the next best option. Continue reading “Riding with Lux Express: Traveling Through the Baltics”