Continuing my Baltic Journey in Riga, Latvia

As I continued my journey through the Baltics heading north from the charming city of Vilnius, Lithuania, my second stop was in Riga, Latvia.

I was interested in what to expect in Riga as it’s the largest city of the three Baltics – and my snow capped time in the city was chilly but pleasurable as well. Continue reading “Continuing my Baltic Journey in Riga, Latvia”


A Preview: Noelle Across The Pond in the Baltics

Ever since visiting Bulgaria last September, I’ve wanted to explore more of Eastern Europe.

With that in mind, I plugged away to see what itinerary I could best fit into ten days’ time in the region in late February. My original thought was Croatia along with Bosnia and Montenegro, but a lot of the activities I had my eye on were not available in winter months. Continue reading “A Preview: Noelle Across The Pond in the Baltics”