Three reasons Malta should be part of your European bucket list

When you think about travelling to Europe, your first thoughts are probably Italy, France, Spain, or the UK. You may be dreaming of the romance of Venice or the bustling energy of London.

Malta may not be a place you’ve even heard much about, but this gorgeous little island in the Mediterranean should definitely be part of your European travel bucket list. Need a little convincing? Here are our top three reasons.

Photo by CALIN STAN on Unsplash

1. Malta is renowned for its delicious food

Because Malta has been a melting pot for cultures from both Europe and the African continent since as far back as 5900 BC, its food is no different. And it is absolutely scrumptious! In Malta, you’ll find a huge array of fresh veg, cheeses, seafood, delicious bread, and sweets.

Malta sits right along some of the world’s most important trade routes, meaning it has taken on many of the flavours and influences of the merchants who came along the way over time. My recommendation is the incredibly popular Maltese pastizzi, which is a crispy pastry you can get from street vendors. Traditionally, these are filled with ricotta or peas, though other flavours are available too.

2. You can enjoy slow living in Malta

Even if you have a long list of things you want to see and do during your time on the island, Malta will slow you right down and draw you into the sun-drenched, mindful lifestyle of the locals. Crafting memories that will last a lifetime is at the core of the slow travel mindset, and Malta is the perfect place for this with its beautiful sights and fantastic scenery.

Make up a shorter list of sights to see and really take the time to embrace Maltese culture to get the most out of your trip. Take yourself back to the days when many of the island’s oldest buildings were first erected, and marvel at Malta’s fascinating history, which waits at every turn.

3. Lots of famous films were shot in Malta

Because it’s so convenient for travel within Europe and the landscapes are so spectacular, Malta is a popular destination for the filming of movies and television shows. Some of the most famous titles include Gladiator, The Da Vinci Code, and Game of Thrones.

If you’re a movie buff, visiting some of the most popular filming destinations is a must for your bucket list. The city of Mdina in particular has been a popular site for mediaeval cities and fantasy landscapes. Doing a film trail of your favourites is a definite must do and you’ll find ample opportunities for spectacular photos to take home and show your friends after your trip.

Convinced yet? Malta may be small but it is packed with beautiful sights, delicious foods, and exciting locations to see. You’ll enjoy the slower-paced living and find moments of mindfulness too, so you can return home relaxed and with memories to last you a lifetime.


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