Get Started as a Digital Nomad and Successfully Work Remotely

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Do you want to become a digital nomad in 2022 or beyond? Now is the time. Approximately 58% of Americans have the opportunity to work at home at least one day a week, and 35% say that they can work from home full-time. If you’re based in Washington, DC, and have a job that travels, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to, as well.

Working as a digital nomad is an amazing opportunity to explore the world while still supporting yourself and paying your bills. Here’s what you should know as you prepare to convert to this travel-friendly lifestyle.

Supporting the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The first thing you have to focus on as a digital nomad is how you’re going to support yourself. Will you support yourself with a 9-to-5 job that lets you work from home? Will you freelance? Set up your budget ahead of time and have options for work so you don’t run into issues finding somewhere to live or having the money you need.

Connecting with your clients is going to be important as you travel. Some helpful ways to stay connected include making sure you have a specific cell phone number for them to call, having a mobile hotspot for backup access to the internet, and staying where you have a signal. If you decide to set up office hours, be somewhere you can take calls or get online during those hours to avoid missing important interactions.

Finding Tech-Friendly Rentals

Another thing you have to do as a digital nomad is find places to stay when you travel. There are many opportunities, such as using Airbnb and renting a vacation home in your desired area or going onto to browse short-stay options. 

As you look for rentals online, make sure to take advantage of some platforms’ filtering features to narrow down your search by location, rate, number of bedrooms, location, etc. The majority of vacation rentals and hotels will offer Wi-Fi as an amenity but check with them before you rent the space. Some rentals will charge for faster service, and some may not offer Wi-Fi at all. In those cases, you may want to look into purchasing a mobile hotspot, so you can work anywhere you get a wireless signal.

Saving Money as You Travel

Finally, as you get ready to become a digital nomad, think about how to save money. Fortunately, there are lots of good ideas. When you’re booking a place to stay, for instance, consider using Priceline or to find the cheapest stays. Booking by the week or month and reaching out to a hotel directly may also help you negotiate a better rate.

Consider offering your services in exchange for a free room. For example, if you love pets, you can offer house sitting and pet sitting services in exchange for staying for free in someone’s home through TrustedHousesitters.

Interested in More Tips as a New Digital Nomad?

If you’re ready to get out of Washington, DC, and start traveling, now is a great time. As a digital nomad, you can work from anywhere, but you do need to plan in advance. Learn more tips that will help you save money and see more of the world at Noelle Across the Pond.

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