Noelle’s Monthly Recap: June 2017

Much of June was spent exploring more of my home state of Virginia, although I did have a chance to hop across the pond to England to visit with friends for a week. As we enter summer I’ve been soaking up all the extra hours of sunlight with two of my warm weather favorites: pool visits and sitting on the patio with a cool drink. Here’s what Noelle Across The Pond got into in June.

Destinations visited:

Cheltenham, Gloucester, and Bristol, England

Colonial Beach, Fredericksburg, and Luray, Virginia

Nancy’s Ice Cream Shoppe, Colonial Beach

Favorite destinations:

Colonial Beach, Virginia – One of my all-time favorite getaways, Colonial Beach has it all – wineries, breweries, a beach, waterfront restaurants with live music, and historical attractions.

Bristol, England – Despite having lived in Cheltenham a mere forty five minutes away, June was the first time I made it to Bristol. Although I was short on time to explore the city extensively, my visit has certainly created an itch to go back and see more.

Mural in Colonial Beach, Virginia


A medieval party – I was invited to a costume-required medieval period thirtieth birthday party. The fun touches at the party – chalices, mead, archery, among others – were certainly unlike any I’ve experienced!

Exploring Virginia – Despite having traveled extensively throughout my adult years, one of my biggest oversights has been my own home state, Virginia. This month I made it to Colonial Beach, one of my favorite coastal towns, as well as a few days camping near Shenandoah National Park in Luray, Virginia.

Beach art in Colonial Beach, Virginia


Pulled hamstring injury – After suffering from a pulled hamstring for weeks, I finally started seeing a physical therapist to help with the healing process. So far the treatments have reduced my pain and increased my range of motion, so I’m grateful to be on the road to recovery.

Waterfront at Colonial Beach, Virginia


A Photo Essay of a Coastal Gem: Colonial Beach, Virginia – A mix of historical and coastal fun, Virginia’s Colonial Beach is a town not to be missed.

7 Tips for Driving on the Other Side of the Road – Tips and tricks on how to master driving on the other side of the road.

Traveling in the Off-Season: Sometimes Hit, Sometimes Miss! – My positive and not-so-positive experiences traveling in the off season.

4 Safety Tips for Traveling in Southeast Asia – Tips for staying safe while traveling in Southeast Asia.

Bruce Peninsula National Park – Tobermory, Ontario – Stunning cliff views and crystal clear waters delight in this Canadian national park.

A Day Out on Flowerpot Island, Ontario – An adventurous day hiking and exploring shipwrecks on Flowerpot Island in Ontario’s Georgian Bay. 

Artsy shed in Sperryville, Virginia

Coming up in July 2017:

For the first time in ages, I only have one trip planned! My family and I will be spending the 4th of July weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. I grew up and have gone to Ocean City almost every summer since I was a kid, so I am looking forward to continuing our annual tradition. Other than that, I’m sure some day trips will pop up or last minute bookings may be in order!

Where is your July taking you?


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