Mini-Golf Champions at Eastington Park

As the US celebrated the three-day Memorial Day weekend, it was a long weekend for us in the UK as well (I checked what the actual holiday was and apparently it’s just ‘spring bank holiday’… ah Europeans).

Friday I headed to Cheltenham (which is quickly becoming my home away from home… away from home) to Mark’s house. His friend Tim and Victoria got married on Sunday, so we met with others who were attending the wedding on Saturday, and then went to the ceremony itself on Sunday.

I’ve been to a few weddings, but the setting for this one was probably one of my favorites. The wedding (ceremony and reception) took place at Eastington Park, which is a former manor house that has been transformed into an inn that hosts weddings. There was a nice terrace overlooking the garden which was adjacent to a farm. The ceremony itself was outdoors and we were blessed with warm, sunny weather for the (intimate compared to other weddings I’ve been to) group of eighty or so attendees. The majority of the reception was indoors, but we went back out on the terrace in the evening just in time for the married couple’s first dance, and then finally ended the night inside for some late night dancing.

View from our room at Eastington Park

I only noticed a few differences between a US and UK wedding – namely that in the US we typically have the best man and maid of honor give a speech, versus in the UK the father of the bride, groom, and best man give a speech (although in this wedding, the bride gave a quick one as well). They also didn’t have a DJ but used Spotify instead, but I think that’s becoming more of a trend as it can save thousands on the cost of the entertainment.

IMG_7310 (1)
Ohhh weddings!

This wedding also had a MINI GOLF championship – as the bride and groom are enthusiasts. Mark is also a huge mini golf fan, and we had just played a few weeks ago, so we ended up WINNING the championship by only getting nineteen on a course of nine holes. We were later presented with a small trophy to take home.

Tuesday it was back to work and gloomy weather, but Marianna and her boyfriend Aaron arrived and are staying with me for the week, so I’m looking forward to having some company from home.

Till next time all!


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