Tips for a Smooth Return Home from Vacation

While traveling can be fun and exciting, coming back from a trip often is anything but. It can be hard to get back into your routine and catch up on everything missed while you were away. After years of trying to figure out what can make the back-to-reality a bit easier, I’ve come up with some steps I try to take before my trip to make my return home a bit smoother. Here are my top tips:

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A Preview: Belize and Guatemala

Every winter I try to escape the cold and go somewhere warm. Last year I escaped to a balmy Portugal as a belated birthday getaway, but this year Mark and I decided to do a bit of a bigger trip. We settled on Central America, a region I am eager to explore more of, and after realizing Costa Rica might break our budget, we decided Belize (with a short side trip to Guatemala) would be just the right fit. Continue reading “A Preview: Belize and Guatemala”