A Photo Diary of the Beauty of England

Even though I don’t live in England anymore, with a trip across the pond coming up next month, I find myself reminiscing on the beauty that abounds in the country. And, as most English people will tell you – “There’s more to England than London”. So, here are twelve photos that encapsulate what the country outside of London is all about. Continue reading “A Photo Diary of the Beauty of England”


Photo Essay of the Lake District, England

“The loveliest spot that man hath ever known” – William Wordsworth, poet and Lake District resident

I’ve been to some places with amazing scenery in my life, and I’d have to say that the Lake District, a national park in north west England, could easily be near the top of that list. The beauty of the area has inspired writers like Beatrix Potter and poets like William Wordsworth alike. Continue reading “Photo Essay of the Lake District, England”