5 Wonderful European Winter Destinations

There’s something about winter – the holidays, crisp and snowy weather, comfort food, and warm beverages – that simply make it a wonderful time of the year. And thus, there are some destinations that really stand out as a place to celebrate the season, whether to escape the cold, or embrace the Christmas season. Here are five of my top picks for wonderful European winter destinations. Continue reading “5 Wonderful European Winter Destinations”


Noelle Across The Pond in 2017

As I reflect in gratitude for my travels in 2016, the natural planner in me has already booked some 2017 travels and I also have my eyes on a few others. For the most part, I’ll be aiming for mostly new destinations, although I’m sure some return trips to destinations I’ve been before will pop up. Here’s whats on for the New Year: Continue reading “Noelle Across The Pond in 2017”