My Top 5 Favorite Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are a great resource – they are a way to see how someone else experiences and reflects on a destination. As well, they also can be useful in providing information on how to make travel better, more affordable, and giving ideas for your trip to a destination.

This week I’ve put together my top 5 favorite travel bloggers, as well as two YouTubers that I follow regularly.

Rum Point, Grand Cayman

My Top 5 Favorite Travel Blogs:

Adventurous Kate – Kate is my all time favorite travel blog. The way she shares her travels, and her reflections on them is really captivating, and I’ve gained a lot from reading her blog as a traveler and a person.

Expert Vagabond – Matthew of Expert Vagabond does all the trips I wish I had the balls to do – hitchhiking across the U.S., remote multi day hiking in Greenland, and exploring some of the really off the beaten path places (think: Afghanistan).

On The Luce – Lucy is a fellow U.K.-er, albeit she is actually English and I am not. I have enjoyed her blog particularly because of the U.K. focused content, but she also writes about worldwide destinations.

Nomadic Matt – Matt has created the ultimate destination resource. He has guides on several countries and cities that give you the best advice on how to save money, and the top things you should do in each location. I’ve used his blog many times to determine activities and places to go on my trips.

Oneika the Traveller – Oneika really brought my attention to the differing experience African-Americans face traveling abroad than someone Caucasian does. Besides that, she is also a great writer and writes poignant posts on various subjects.

Lugano, Switzerland

Besides blogs, there a two YouTubers I go to for travel content as well:

Hey Nadine – Nadine is really quirky but does great videos on everything from what she eats at a destination to what suitcase is most practical for each type of trip.

Rick Steves – Rick Steves is a bit of a classic – he has been in public television for travel since the early 1990s. His focus is on Europe in particular, and he has a plethora of videos for various European destinations.

Who are your favorite travel bloggers or YouTubers?

Till next time all!


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