Noelle’s Parents Take London

This past weekend, both my parents were in town. This was the first time since I moved that my dad has been here so I was really excited to show them around.

Friday we did afternoon tea – one of my favorite things to do with visitors, followed by shopping in a shopping center not too far from my house (but that I had no idea existed!). I’m not usually a fan of shopping at all, but considering I have only gone shopping about twice since moving, I was actually really excited and bought various things for my flat.

Saturday we went to Big Ben and Parliament, and then hopped on a boat cruise from Westminster Pier to Greenwich. I had done the boat cruise before, but I think I had a renewed sense of appreciation for it now that I know what a lot of the significant buildings are and have more of a sense of the history of London. I also haven’t been far into east London where the boat ride went.

Greenwich is a really quaint area of London. It’s not in central London – it’s just outside it, so it has a unique charm that makes it feel more like a small town by the Thames. Once there we split up, my mom tackling the Queen’s House that is part of the Old Royal Naval College, while my dad, Markie, and I went to the Roger Harrison Planetarium. At the planetarium, we watched a thirty minute show on asteroids. The show was produced by National Geographic and explained what the impact has been and will be of asteroids hitting earth and why it’s so difficult for humans to get to them in outer space. I’m not even a traditionally ‘science-y’ person, and I really enjoyed it. Trying to understand space and the magnitude of it is all really mind boggling to me.

In the evening we headed to the Queen’s Walk next to the Thames and near Tower Bridge for dinner. I absolutely am loving all the al fresco dining I am doing this summer, and how it stays daylight till almost 10pm each night.

On Sunday, I said goodbye to my mom as she headed back to the U.S. My dad, Markie and I also went and spent the night near Gatwick Airport; on Monday they were off to Algeria to visit family there for just under two weeks while I headed into the office.

Markie stole my phone at the Gatwick hotel

Until next time all!


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