Two Months in London!

As crazy as it sounds, it doesn’t seem like its only been two months in London – I feel like I’ve been here for much longer! In the two months that I’ve been here I’ve explored quite a few places already, so that’s probably made it seems like its longer than its been. I’ve also gotten into the groove of things and feel like I’m progressing with the city.

One thing that’s taken some getting used to here is the weather. Winter here was about the same temperature as DC, but now it’s almost May and the weather is the same as it was in February. I’d say it’s typically about 45-50 degrees (Fahrenheit), and there’s not much variation from that.

Over the weekend my friend Jing and I took the train down to Eastbourne (a city on the English Channel) and hiked uphill to a chalk cliff called Beachy Head. It was a really pretty hike and area. Once at the top, you could see the cliff, the brightly colored water, and view of Eastbourne in the distance.

Beachy Head cliff and lighthouse
Jing and I

This upcoming week I’ll start studying for my LAST final exam of grad school EVER which is next Saturday, the 7th. I already have in mind to go get a celebratory drink after I finish!

Now that I’ll have so much free time from grad school and not having to do homework, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself. I definitely want to get back into a good workout routine, so that’s a priority. I also have seen a few Meetups for evening walks in different London neighborhoods, so that could be a good way to explore more of the city as well. And, in typical nerd fashion, I’m excited to have more time to read books, rather than textbooks.


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