5(!) Photos of (Busy) June 2019

June flew by as a there were a slew of parties and a wedding to attend, and a friend came to town. It turns out I was so busy enjoying myself this month that I only took a handful of photos. Alas, I have certainly gotten in the groove of summer and am enjoying the long summer days.

I upgraded to a slightly larger shower with a built in shelf, new tiles, and new shower head

After about a month and half of stop and go construction in my bathroom, my semi-renovation is now complete! I am having a cleaning service come to help clear out some of the construction dust, and then will properly photograph the space to share.

Looking slick in his graduation day suit

Markell also had a big milestone: he graduated from elementary school! His school hosted a graduation ceremony followed by pool party which was a lot of fun. Since he is my only child, I had all the feels realizing that we’d be leaving the school he has been at since kindergarten. I am excited (and nervous!) to see what comes next in middle school.

Ladies of summer

In late June my friends, Markell, and I embarked on our only trip of the month, a drive north to Jamestown, New York for the wedding of my friend Brooke. Besides the wedding, we enjoyed drinks and the long summer sun along the lake in Jamestown.

Ace at posing!

The wedding ceremony was held outdoors and the reception in a restored barn nearby. It was a beautiful wedding and very laid back which was certainly fitting for the bride and her fiancee.

The bride, Brooke, and her groom, Jacob

What’s coming up in July?

  • I have tickets to the Harry Potter orchestra concert in Northern Virginia! As a Harry Potter superfan, I am so excited for this event.
  • A trip with friends to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. We’ll be white water rafting and staying overnight at a hostel with a fire pit along the Appalachian Trail. Here’s to outdoor adventures!
  • My friend Ashley’s bachelorette party in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m looking forward to nice dinners out, beach time, and sightseeing.

Where is your July bringing you?


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