Best and Worst British Foods

So what are the best and worst British foods? This is obviously highly subjective to my taste buds (and not an exhaustive list of British cuisine by any means), but of the British foods I’ve had so far, these are the ones that stand out the most to me.

The Best

Fish and chips 

Fish and chips are probably the most common British food that people know about. I have to say, it’s for a good reason. I have really found fish and chips to be a great comfort food. The best ones I’ve had are in local pubs (not chain pubs or touristy pubs) and at places called “chippys” that only sell fish and chips.

Delicious fish and chips in London!

Scones (and clotted cream)

I have no idea how it happened a few years ago, but my mom and I started a tradition of me taking her out to tea times a few times a year. One of the main staples of a tea time is scones with clotted cream, which I really started to love. Luckily in England, scones are fairly common. I love to have a freshly baked scone with clotted cream and jam.

(Just a note: I know we have scones in the US, but they tend to be a tougher consistency and aren’t eaten with clotted cream.)


HP sauce

HP sauce is a combination of malt vinegar, tomatoes, molasses, and various spices. I’ve really come to like this sauce just as much as ketchup, if not more (and I really like ketchup!). The “HP” stands for Houses of Parliament, so I’m not sure you can get more British than that! It tastes great with fries and chicken sandwiches.


OK, so cider isn’t really a food. But, it is a really popular beverage in England. I’m not much of a beer drinker, so this (or wine) is usually my go-to when I’m out for a drink. There are a few brands I’ve come to like: Bulmers and Strongbow which are produced in Hereford,  and Asphall cider which is made in Suffolk.

Ciders in London

The Worst


The one and only time I’ve tried Marmite I was quite excited because I know its a popular British spread. Unfortunately, I almost spit it out because it had such a weird taste. Marmite is made with yeast extract. I can’t even really explain what it tastes like, but apparently the slogan for it is “Love it or hate it”… I’m going to go with hate it.

British cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese comes from the town of Cheddar in Somerset. This is case of the American version tasting different than the British version. American cheddar cheese is more processed and creamy, while British cheddar cheese is harder and aged naturally. I’m going to guess that the British version is probably healthier since its less processed, but it’s been a taste that I am still trying to get used to.

Black pudding

Black pudding is made from pork blood and fat. I can’t help but feel weird knowing what I’m eating, and it’s not a taste I’ve really come to like even if I could overcome that.


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